Friday, July 16, 2010

Seed More ...Feed More

A great article by Erica Morrison in the Tribune really brought out the folks to visit the Garden today . I can only hope we can get more food in the ground to have a great fall harvest . My new motto is " Seed More Feed More "

Erica did a great job capturing Sara's vision for the Unity Gardens . She spent 3 hours at the LaSalle square garden speaking with many folks that came to visit the garden . She had a chance to experience what the gardens mean first hand . Its not just free food . Its about much much more . It brings people together . Everyday I hear stories from very diverse groups of people from every walk of life . They share their happy stories , and the heartbreaks in their life . Childhood memories of working in dads garden . One man told me his grandmother planted red potatoes every year , and after she died he took some of her potatoes , and replants them every year .

We educate people , as well as learn from people: How to plant , what to plant ,where to plant , how to harvest , how to cook the food . Information is shared between the young , and the old . Most of all we all learn how to share. If we all help grow food , and share with others there will be enough healthy food to go around . It's so simple plant a seed for yourself , and then plant one for your neighbor .

The Unity Gardens are growing , and people are enjoying the gardens in so many ways . Its a good thing !!

Thanks Erica for a great article .

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