Thursday, July 22, 2010

People are Hungry

Its been a busy week at the LaSalle Square garden . After the Newspaper article ran about the Unity Gardens we have had so many people out to the Garden . We are hearing so many stories about the mouths they have to feed . People are hungry all over the city . The cost of fresh veggies is getting higher all the time .
Some are out of work or underemployed , and some just cannot afford to buy fresh vegetables . Sometimes a little free food can help take the strain off a tight budget . We have so many folks coming out that the food is running low . More is growing , but maybe not fast enough , and thats what makes what happened today so wonderful. A man stopped by with a bag of Cucumbers , and said he grew extra . In short order we gave them to folks in the garden that were out looking for food to harvest . What a wonderful gesture of sharing . I spend so many days thinking will I have food for the next person that stops by to harvest . Thats why this type of sharing means so much to me . Its a wonderful thing .
" We are growing more than Vegetables here " Sara's slogan for the garden rings true .
Thanks to everyone for all your help in making the Unity Gardens work .

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