Monday, July 5, 2010

More News from Memorial Hospital Unity Garden

...we've got Peppers to Pick!

- radishes too! Pick 'em while they are young, sweet and tender otherwise, they'll get tough and bitter.

- THANKS to one of our fellow Unity Gardens! Sara, the Unity Garden leader, brought us bags of ,already cleaned, leaf lettuce that our 2nd Shift employees were able to enjoy Friday Dinner in the Cafe.

- THANKS to Connie, from Advanced Cardiovascular in the Skyway Building, she came up with the ingenious, inexpensive and effective way to stake our tomatoes...She said that is how her Grandma did it!

"Who is going to cook me some Green Fried Tomatoes"???

Unity Gardens recommends mulching with a light coat of grass clippings. Mulch help reduce water evaporation from the soil - less watering, helps keep weeds from germinating and helps enrich the soil by adding organic matter as it decomposes. - I see someone has already mulched the zucchini plants!

Sustainability: Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

Brent W. Schroeder, CDM
Memorial Hospital
Nutritional Services, Supervisor

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