Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Great Week

Another great week at the LaSalle Square Unity Garden , and for The Unity Gardens . We continue have a steady flow of people out to visit the garden , ( The word is out !! ) I have to admit the week started off a little rough . Feeling a bit disorganized Rain , a little fungus in my tomatoes , and lots of weeds . I was feeling a little overwhelmed on Tuesday ( my Birthday ) I was at the garden early . It was wet , hot , and humid , so I finally gave up , and went off to do some errands . A little later when I got back there was a donation of several stacks of newspapers . This was important because I am trying to get a handle on the weeds so newspaper to put under my Mulch was awesome . A little later a few ladies stopped by , and gave me $5 to buy seeds . It reminded me that we are doing something good here . The neighbors notice , and they want & need these gardens . So a few rough days will not bother me too much . We have random weeders stopping by , and small donations . It is truly becoming a part of the community , and I could not do it without the help of everyone involved .

So another great week . Still planting ...Still feeding people

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