Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Master Gardner Class

I started my Master Gardening class last week in St Joe County with Phil Sutton . Its put on by the Purdue Extension . I think I am going to enjoy the class , Phil seems like a no nonsense kind of instructor . While I love trying to be organic when I can its good to know the facts about all sides . Many" organic crazies " as I like to call them take organics to an extreme , and much of the information they have is not based on facts , and sometimes can lead to $ 10 Tomatoes . Our goal at The Unity Gardens is To feed people healthy food , teach the community about the food process , and bring diverse people together .The Class information is based on research done at Purdue which should help me make informed decisions for next years growing season , and help me to instruct others in my Unity Gardens growing class starting in Jan

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