Sunday, August 22, 2010


This weekend we had our Luau a The LaSalle Square Unity Garden . A fundraiser . We did it on pretty short notice ( 6 weeks ) . One thing we have to do is get better at raising money to support the Unity Gardens . We do our best to keep cost down , but everything adds up , Insurance , gas , Tomato cages , and so many little things . So we are trying some different things to raise money . This event went well even though we had lots of rain early during the set-up the sky cleared enough to have a good time . All in All we are happy , and made a few bucks for the gardens . I think we will do it again next year , but bigger , and better . For sure the Portabello Burgers will be back they were a big hit !! We gave alot of garden tours , and had some folks from the neighborhood stop by . A few that had never been to the garden . We also had our regular harvesters stopping by to enjoy the garden .

For me this is sort of a end of the " gardening season " I will start to wind down 2010 , although I will still be planting for a few more weeks its going to be limited to spinach , peas , lettuce , and some radish . I start my master gardening class on Tuesday . Maybe next year I will know what I am doing . I am going to try to force a little down time over the next 2 weeks , then its time to start work on next years projects . I thinks LaSalle Academy wants 40 raised beds , LaSalle Square a Shelter , and educational row , and we are planning to do a gardening series from planning a garden all the way to cooking & canning . So I see a busy winter , spring will be hear all too soon

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