Saturday, August 14, 2010

This week

This week at the LaSalle Square Unity Garden has been pretty busy we have been spending a lot of time recapturing areas that got overgrown , weeding , and putting down grass clippings in an effort to enhance the soil for next year . We have had many volunteers out this week . Jesus who lives in the Neighborhood comes by everyday to weed . He is awesome with a hoe , and brought us a dish made from weeds ( it was tasty ) A few new guest workers Katie & Rich helped with the weeding , and Mulching . Lareen , and Jessica both garden leaders at other Unity Gardens came out to help , and many others came to work & harvest .

This week we have had plenty of green beans , Mustard's , Zucchini , , and Tomato's to harvest ..

I am trying something new here posting some videos they seem to do a little better at showing the garden than still pics . Next Sat we have our big Luau fundraiser so its going to be a crazy week getting ready for that .

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