Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Sunday Off

Decided to take the day out of the garden today . Just go early and turn on some water , then come back later & turn it off . Well oops . Its a little addictive with so much to do . So I got the sprinklers going about 7:15 then Made a raised bed around one of our signs to keep the weeds down , and planted some lettuce in it . Next year I think I will fill it with Mint . Next I moved the sprinklers , and went to Walmart to pick-up up a load of broken bags of potting soil . I will save that for next years seeds starting . Went back to the garden moved the sprinklers ,weeded and mulched around the new zucchini . Spoke with a man who dropped off some things from his garden for us to give away . I had about 20 people through the garden , a slow day

I guess thats enough for my day off its 2:30 where did the day go .

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