Sunday, May 22, 2011

Changing Times

The Unity Gardens goal is to have gardens for the community , and planted and harvested by the community. If we build it they will come , and they have . The first year we put in a garden out at LaSalle Square we had a few volunteers , and a few groups come work , but keeping up was a challenge . Last year the neighbors started to come out to help , to harvest . Some came out on a regular basis , and some were hit & miss . We had many groups come out from ND , Saint Mary's etc...

This year is a whole different story . All kinds of people from the neighbor coming out to help . Weeding , Planting , Watering .....

People ask what they can do , can they come anytime , and weed. Jennifer tells me she thinned the radishes " Is that Ok she asks " Its everything we wanted , and more . So now the plan to release more of the garden tasks to the neighborhood . Changing times.

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