Friday, May 27, 2011

One Day Two Gardens

The Catholic Workers have 2 Unity Gardens one behind the mens house on St Joe st & one on Main at our Lady of the Road . Today we put both in . We started out early at Our Lady where you can get free breakfast every Friday . We cleaned up the plot & planted Peas , Tomatoes , Green Beans , Eggplant , and Pumpkins . Melvin one of the guys having breakfast showed how to turn the soil with a pitch fork .He made quick work of that task.! Next we headed off to the Catholic Workers House to plant Potatoes , Green Beans , Peppers , Tomatoes , Kale , Broccoli , Watermelon , Okra , Peas , and Some Herbs . We also found some good use for some old boxes behind the house by using them to keep the weeds down around the garden . We also transformed a pile of sticks in to a fence for the Peas to Climb up . Afterwards Katie made us all lunch to top off a great morning of planting .

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  1. that soil looks like it will grow some vegetables!