Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cooking Class

Unity Gardens first big cooking / healthy eating class was a hit. To be honest I thought cooking how exciting could that be . Well Wrong . Chef Alin first of all made it fun, interesting , and hands on . Starting with how to cut a melon , then onto Butternut squash quesedillas , with Cranberry Salsa . All through the demo some tips on making cooking easy . Shrimp & Veggie Pasta , Lentils , Swiss Chard . What a great meal & plenty for everyone. Chef made it fun and east . Keller Park it a great location. We all ate family style , and chef Alin ate with us and answered questions . Next up was Ellen Dvorak talking about the food pyramid . Good Info . Its pretty easy go to the USDA website , and put in some info about yourself , and get a custom food Pyramid . Pretty cool . I did mine , How about you do yours

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