Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday at LaSalle Square

Another volunteer filled day at LaSalle Square . It started with Myles who is a student at IUSB . He started a garden for the students at IUSB , and had some free time so came out to help us . He spent the day hauling soil & mulch , a task that wears me out so its always welcome . He also invited another IUSB student Karen to come out .Karen worked with Tammy on planting in the education area. Another New volunteer Connie worked with our 2 interns on planting Potatoes & Corn . Connie lives in the neighborhood , and decided to lend a hand . Austin continuned building mounds to plant Pumpkins, and squash on . Others stained picnic tables , planted tomatoes , moved stone for the shaded shelter. A very busy day indeed. With just about 30 days to my deadline to finish my planting we are more than 3/4 of the way finished. Things should be looking really good for Tour de Unity on June 11th . There is still time to sign-up

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